On November 14th, at 12:00 UTC, CoinText will cease operations of our SMS wallet in all regions for all supported currencies (BCH, BTC, LTC, DASH, DCR). Before that time, users should move any funds in their wallet to another address under their control (such as a mobile application wallet). The easiest way to accomplish this transfer is to use the following command:

SEND ALL {outside_wallet_address}
where {outside_wallet_address} is a non-CoinText address under the user’s control.

Once funds have been moved, to ensure that the user can recover any funds that may be sent to their CoinText address after SMS service is halted, users can utilize the

command to retrieve the private key associated with the address, allowing funds to be accessed by a wallet supporting private key import or sweeping.

We thank all of the users of our SMS wallet service. In our years of operation, CoinText has been the first cryptocurrency experience for thousands of people, in dozens of countries. We look forward to continuing to innovate with new services for many years to come.