The latest update for the original Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet,, includes support for sending funds to phone numbers using CoinText’s open API.

In addition to using Bitcoin Cash (BCH) addresses, Electron Cash wallet users can now send funds directly to mobile phone numbers in 42 countries. The funds are delivered on-chain and the recipient is notified via SMS text message. CoinText recipients do not need an installed mobile wallet to receive and spend the funds.

“I’m pleased to announce the latest version of Electron Cash now supports CoinText payments,” said Electron Cash lead developer Jonald Fyookball. “Anything that makes it easier to onboard new users to Bitcoin Cash is a win.”

CoinText offers a full-featured SMS wallet to transact cyptocurrency without Internet, apps, accounts, or passwords. The SMS wallet works with any type of phone including old feature phones.

“By leveraging the BIP 70 payment protocol, CoinText’s services can now be integrated into any wallet,” said CoinText founder Vin Armani. “We’re honored that the original Bitcoin Cash wallet has added support for SMS payments.”

Electron Cash was the first Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet after the network split from the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain in 2017. Electron Cash offers non-custodial desktop and mobile versions of the wallet with high security and support for SLP tokens.

This latest update by Electron Cash also includes support for the CashShuffle feature for private transactions. CashShuffle is a fully decentralized coin mixing protocol that shuffles Bitcoin Cash with network participants to obscure transactions.

“Currently this feature is available to desktop users by entering ‘cointext:’ followed by a country code and phone number instead of a normal BCH address,” Fyookball explained. “Integration into mobile wallets is on our roadmap.”

Electron Cash is the second Bitcoin Cash wallet to integrate CoinText’s API. Crescent Cash became the first mobile wallet to enable sending to phone numbers last month.

John Moriaty posted a video demonstration on his YouTube channel “Bitcoin Out Loud” using Electron Cash to instantly send BCH to his mobile phone number. Watch the video below:

CoinText says more integrations of its payment protocol API are in the works.

“The open-source Bitcoin Cash community is coming together to offer a full suite of solutions that make it easier and cheaper to use than any competing currency, crypto or fiat,” Armani emphasized.

About CoinText

CoinText is a for-purpose FinTech company to make cryptocurrency easy to use as money. CoinText’s SMS wallet is available in 42 countries in 20 languages. CoinText’s payment protocol API is used by wallets and point-of-sale solutions across the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Contact: [email protected]

About Electron Cash

Electron Cash is the original open-source Bitcoin Cash SPV wallet. Electron Cash is available for Windows, Apple and Linux for desktop, and both Android and iOS for mobile.