Derrick J Freeman performs a long distance Bitcoin Cash payment without QR codes using and https://Anypay.Global

When Derrick ordered tickets from the Seacoast Repertory Theatre over a phone call, the theatre gave him a 5-digit shortcode to enter as an SMS command into his CoinText wallet. Once he completed to shortcode and 2FA, the transaction happens instantly.

This can’t be done with other mobile cryptocurrency wallets. It works because the theatre uses Anypay’s digital cash register with CoinText’s SMS merchant solution.

Each Bitcoin Cash, Dash or Litecoin invoice generated by Anypay issues a CoinText shortcode that can be texted without internet using any type of phone including old flip phones.

CoinText is available in 42 countries. See map here.

It you’re a developer and want to add this functionality to your POS system, email us at contact @