After a lengthy approval process and months of testing, CoinText was set to go live on WhatsApp last week.

Unfortunately, at the last minute, Facebook suddenly decided to block all financial transaction services (cryptocurrency and fiat) from their messaging platforms including WhatsApp, FB Messenger and Instagram.

Therefore, CoinText will not be launching on WhatsApp as planned.

Instead CoinText will focus efforts on integrating with mobile Bitcoin Cash wallets giving their users the ability to send funds to phone contacts whether or not they have the app. With custom messaging, app wallets can attract new users when their users send BCH to their friend’s phones.

Additionally, CoinText is building a complete merchant solution and payment platform to allow apps, games, digital goods platform, or any merchant easily accept Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payments.

Here’s the full video update by CoinText CTO Vin Armani:

More  announcements coming soon.

CoinText is a for-purpose company to make peer-to-peer cash simple to use as money.

Get CoinText’s full-featured SMS wallet for Bitcoin Cash by texting START to the access number for your region at the link below: