Nashua, NH – Dec 3rd 2018 – Today,, a service to instantly transact cryptocurrency without Internet by using SMS messages, launched its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet in Ukraine and Italy bringing the total amount of countries connected to 35.

CoinText enables users to send money to anyone with a mobile phone or to pay for things wherever BCH is accepted. No apps or registration required. People get a wallet by texting a valid command to a CoinText access number or when another user texts funds to their phone.

“CoinText allows anyone with a cellular signal to access cryptocurrency,” says CoinText founder and CTO Vin Armani. “This includes all brands of smartphones and about two billion people with basic feature phones.”

CoinText is simple to use. Users control their wallet with SMS commands like BALANCE to check their balance and RECEIVE to display their wallet address. They’re able to send funds to domestic or foreign phone numbers by texting SEND $1 PhoneNumber and to BCH wallets by using the command SEND $1 BCHaddress.

“Ukraine is experiencing political instability and Italy is facing a sovereign debt crisis,” Armani explained. “Cryptocurrency provides residents a way to opt out. And CoinText provides them the easiest tool to begin using cryptocurrency.”

Users in Ukraine and Italy can control their CoinText wallet using text messages in their native languages.

Get a CoinText wallet in Ukraine by texting the word почати to 380931770157

Get a CoinText wallet in Italy by texting the word INIZIO to 393202042282

CoinText will function normally on all mobile service providers in Italy except Iliad. Iliad customers may not use CoinText at this time because they prohibit two-way SMS messaging.

This is CoinText’s first new country release since the contentious November 15th split of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin SV (BSV).

“We plan to keep Bitcoin Cash as the default currency for our platform,” Armani said. “It has reliable, instant transactions that are practically free.”

This update also includes support for Italian and Ukrainian languages across the entire CoinText platform, the company said.

About CoinText
CoinText is a for-purpose FinTech company making cryptocurrency easy to use as money. CoinText is the first full-featured cryptocurrency wallet that doesn’t require apps, accounts, passwords, or Internet. The service offers frictionless onboarding to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for anyone with a text-enabled phone. CoinText is built on a foundation designed for a full suite of cryptocurrency solutions including touchless payments, streaming money, and for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Contact: contact(at)cointext(dot)io