On November 15th, 2018, the scheduled Bitcoin cash hard fork occurred (see previous announcement). The result of this event was the creation of two new blockchains on the Bitcoin Cash network, sharing a previous history. Because this fork was contentious, CoinText, as explained in our previous announcement, chose to take a conservative approach toward servicing BCH customers. While major exchanges, payment processors, and other service providers suspended their services, CoinText remained operational, filtering balances that were not available on both blockchains and broadcasting user transactions to both blockchains. We did not believe it was our responsibility to decide which of these chains was the legitimate heir to the BCH ticker symbol.

Major exchanges and payment processors, such as CoinBase and BitPay, have, within the last 48 hours, made public announcements that they will be assigning the BCH ticker symbol to the blockchain following the ruleset of the Bitcoin ABC software implementation. This approach appears to be the clear consensus market-wide. In order to best serve our users and enable maximum compatibility with Bitcoin Cash wallets, exchanges, and services throughout the ecosystem, CoinText has returned BCH service on our platform to following the ABC blockchain. This is a continuation of the policy regarding the Bitcoin Cash blockchain that has been in place since CoinText was launched. The CoinText wallet will not actively split funds and there is a small chance of transactions being replayed on the other blockchain existing on the network. Users that would prefer to explicitly “split” their funds or guarantee the retention of their current balance in its current form on both blockchains may request their CoinText private keys (at CoinText.io/keys ) and take such actions outside of the CoinText platform.