NASHUA, N.H., Oct. 29, 2018 — Today,, a service to transact cryptocurrency using text messages, launched its Bitcoin Cash (BCH) wallet in four more countries including Taiwan, Slovenia, Hungary and Puerto Rico.

“There are around 4.4 billion people with mobile phones connected by SMS,” says CoinText founder and CTO Vin Armani. “CoinText offers them a frictionless way to instantly transact directly with each other.”

CoinText doesn’t require apps or accounts. Users can send money to domestic and foreign mobile phone numbers or BCH addresses. When users receive funds to their phone, a bitcoin cash wallet is automatically set up in the background.

“CoinText is the easiest way to introduce new people to bitcoin,” Armani added. “Text money to your friends to create new bitcoiners. That’s how you spread adoption!”

Because users access their wallet over SMS (short message service), they’re able to transact cryptocurrency phone-to-phone without an Internet connection. Transactions are instantly settled into the recipient’s wallet on the blockchain.

CoinText never holds funds. CoinText collects a small per-byte fee of about $.02 USD on all transactions no matter how much bitcoin cash (BCH) is transferred.

“We’re excited to launch in Slovenia because Bitcoin Cash is already popular there,” Armani explains. “A recent report showed that Slovenia has the highest concentration of retail merchants accepting bitcoin cash in the world.”

Taiwan is the second country in Asia, after Hong Kong, to be connected by CoinText. Puerto Rico is the fifth Spanish-speaking region, and Slovenia and Hungary make 21 countries in Europe with access to CoinText.

Get a CoinText wallet in Taiwan by texting 开始 to 886931181297

Get a CoinText wallet in Slovenia by texting ZACNI to 38651300586

Get a CoinText wallet in Hungary by texting KEZD to 36707178409

Get a CoinText wallet in Puerto Rico by texting INICIAR to 17873011087

CoinText said this release brings the total number of countries connected to 33. This update also includes support for Mandarin (Simplified Chinese), Hungarian and Slovenian languages across the entire CoinText platform, the company said.

About CoinText
CoinText is a for-purpose FinTech company making cryptocurrency easy to use as money. CoinText is the first full-featured cryptocurrency wallet that doesn’t require apps, accounts, passwords, or Internet. The service offers frictionless onboarding to the cryptocurrency ecosystem for anyone with a text-enabled phone. CoinText is built on a foundation designed for a full suite of cryptocurrency solutions including touchless payments, streaming money, and for the Internet of Things (IoT).

Contact: contact(at)cointext(dot)io