How It Works

Set up a new non-custodial wallet by texting START to the CoinText access number for your region (map below). Add Bitcoin Cash (BCH) to your address. Begin texting money to your friend's phone numbers or pay for anything where BCH is accepted.


Get started by texting START to CoinText or when someone sends BCH to your phone. No apps, accounts or passwords needed. If you can text, you can crypto!

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash has low fees and instant transfers. Transactions are immediately settled directly on the blockchain. CoinText never holds funds.


Access your BCH without Internet using SMS. Send BCH to any text-enabled phone. Recipient doesn't need an app or wallet to receive funds.

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About CoinText

CoinText is a for-purpose FinTech company making cryptocurrency easy to use as money. CoinText enables instant transactions without Internet, apps, accounts or passwords by providing an SMS gateway to the blockchain. With CoinText’s unhosted cryptocurrency wallet you can send cryptocurrency to mobile phone numbers or crypto addresses. Recipients do not need to take any action to receive funds which are immediately available to be re-spent. It's the best tool for introducing new users to the magic of cryptocurrency and the only tool for billions of underbanked people with basic feature-phones. Get a CoinText wallet here and be the first person to text cryptocurrency to your friends!

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What early users say

People are blown away by this game-changing tool. Makes it simple to introduce new people to cryptocurrency!
Drew Pflaum

Drew Pflaum

CPA & Bitcoin Consultant

"Exciting! Just received Bitcoin Cash via SMS. Game changer! I'm super excited to see this great Bitcoin Cash project expand over time. Super job thus far."

Tao Jones

Tao Jones

Early beta user

"I just sent Bitcoin Cash straight from my cell phone to several of my friends using this tech. I absolutely love it. And this will revolutionize crypto."

Cori Joan

Cori Joan


"I sent one cent US in Bitcoin Cash to my nephew in Costa Rica. It’s so easy and instant. I can’t believe it!"


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