You may have noticed that the CASH command to tap the CoinText adoption faucet hasn’t been working for a few days. The faucet has been paused since March 30th because there were attempts to abuse it.

It is back online now. But the CASH command now requires a balance in your CoinText wallet to tap the faucet.

CoinText CTO Vin Armani pointed out on Twitter that it’s a temporary measure.

If you haven’t already gotten $.50/BCH from our faucet, follow these instructions:

1. Text RECEIVE to CoinText
2. Send $.01/BCH to your CoinText wallet
3. Text CASH to CoinText

If you already have a balance, just text CASH to your regional CoinText access number.

More upgrades coming soon including an ambassador program that allows any CoinText user to earn referral fees for introducing new people to the service. Look for that around May!

Thanks again for participating in the mass adoption of Bitcoin Cash!

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