Bitcoin Cash Over SMS

Transact Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with any type of mobile phone using simple text commands without Internet, apps, accounts or passwords.


Easiest way to get and use cryptocurrency. CoinText doesn't require registration, downloads, or Internet. You get a wallet by texting CoinText, or when someone sends BCH to your phone.


CoinText never holds funds. All transactions are settled immediately on-chain. CoinText doesn't store any data about phone numbers, keypairs, or transactions in the system.


CoinText is open for anyone with a mobile phone to use. Users may need an international texting plan to participate until CoinText establishes a number in your region.

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About CoinText

CoinText is a for-purpose project to deliver global finance to anyone with a mobile phone. The ability to transact Bitcoin Cash without Internet, over SMS (Short Message Service), opens global market opportunities for billions of poor and underbanked people around the world. Even feature-phone users will be able to use Bitcoin Cash. We are also developing a full suite of tools where transacting over SMS is necessary or beneficial like merchant and charity solutions, gaming and sports betting, ATMs and vending machines, smartlocks and much more.

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What early users say

People are blown away by how easy this game-changing tool makes it to introduce new people to cryptocurrency.
Drew Pflaum

Drew Pflaum

CPA & Bitcoin Consultant

"Exciting! Just received Bitcoin Cash via SMS. Game changer! I'm super excited to see this great Bitcoin Cash project expand over time. Super job thus far."

Tao Jones

Tao Jones

Early beta user

"I just sent Bitcoin Cash straight from my cell phone to several of my friends using this tech. I absolutely love it. And this will revolutionize crypto."

Cori Joan

Cori Joan


"I sent one cent US in Bitcoin Cash to my nephew in Costa Rica. It’s so easy and instant. I can’t believe it!"

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